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Stories. We all love them. Everyday, we hear stories - good & bad, happy & sad. Everyone has a story to share, one that is unique, unlike any other in the history of our universe. As storytellers, we cherish love stories in particular. And if you're reading this, it's likely that you want to share yours. 

Connection. We tell our best stories when we're well connected with our couples. We want to have the chance to know you, what drives you, and why you want to share the rest of your life with someone else. 

Style. Our style is specific and we're looking for couples who have similar tastes and ideas for what their wedding should be. With that said, we are always innovating and trying to better our craft. We thrive off of inspiration and welcome new ideas! 

We want to get to know you. We'd love to tell your story.

Your Story

                                                     March 25, 1961

                                                   March 25, 1961

My grandparents, George & Sybil Borders, married each other in Deland, Florida on March 25, 1961. Luckily, my great uncle captured some of it on his 8mm film camera (video above). Every now and then I sit down with my grandparents to relive the moments of their wedding day. When we watch, without missing a beat, my grandfather gasps when he sees his beautiful bride walking down the sidewalk behind her bridesmaids. The moment is incredibly special for them, but even more so for their grandchildren.

What a legacy they have passed down to us! The significance of seeing my grandparents on video in radiant love at 20 years of age is something I can’t put words to. We want the same for you. Your wedding story is about more than just a day, it’s about a lifelong commitment of love. It’s also about a legacy, passed down to the next generations reminding them what is truly important in life. Your story is worth telling and we want in on it!


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