- What do we offer? 

We are a husband + wife storytelling team, specializing in weddings. We love capturing the small details as much as the big moments of your wedding day. Bringing the day to life through video is our specialty and we're constantly working at becoming better filmmakers. Throughout your day, we will be working behind the scenes to capture every beautiful and memorable aspect of your day. Ideally, we like to be around for nearly the full day. This gives us every opportunity to capture the whole experience of your wedding. 

- Do we take photographs as well?

Unfortunately, no. However, if you're looking for some suggestions, we know some pretty cool photographers who'd love to talk with you. 

- Do we travel for weddings?

Yes! While we are based in North Carolina, we are willing to travel for your wedding. Once you inquire, we will determine our best travel package for you.  That travel quote goes into your contract so that you're paying for everything. No hidden fees or extra costs.  We always arrive to all travel weddings at least a day early.

- When we travel, do we book our own hotel/Airbnb/rental car/airfare?

Typically, we will search for places within 15 minutes the wedding location and find a reasonably priced room or home. We consider exploring on Airbnb a hobby of ours. However, if you have purchased rooms for family and have extra, we'd be more than happy to stay there. 

- How much is the deposit + how many payments are there?

We require a $1000 non-refundable retainer to secure your date. The remaining balance is due 30 days out from your wedding. We are flexible and willing to create a payment plan for you if needed.

- Are we available to chat?

Sure thing! We know that planning a wedding can be stressful, so if you want to get more specific details we'd love to chat. Our phone number is 850.559.5086

- How soon after the wedding do we deliver the video?

All films will be delivered within 8 weeks after your wedding. 

- What is the process for creating a wedding film?

Thanks for asking! Sometimes it can be crazy, but we love it. We always begin with choosing music. Before we even film your wedding, we'll have had a conversation about music interests. To stay transparent and law abiding citizens, we must license our music from databases (the costs vary). This means no Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran... Once you've let us know what kind of music you like, we'll work tirelessly to find the right match for your film. By the time we've put the music into the timeline, we'll have named all the clips and selected what we want to use. Then we begin the edit. After many passes, coloring, fine tuning, and adjusting we will finalize the project, upload the video and send it your way! 

- Do we provide raw footage?

In a quick answer, no. Both the filming and the editing are crucial to making the perfect wedding film. We believe that our couples should see the very best of their day and we will do our part to provide you with the best footage in your film. However, we do offer an alternative option to raw footage in our "Home Video" add-on. Additionally, you can add full length portions of dances and toasts to your collection. 

- What collections do we offer? 

Currently, we offer three collections + a variety of extras to ADD-ON. You can find pricing + other details here

- Ready to book?

Sweet! Go fill out our contact page + we'll get back to you.